What types of joint accounts does Fundrise support?

Joint accounts on Fundrise can have one of three of the following designations:

  • Rights of survivorship - This means that upon the death of either owner of the joint account, the ownership of the account goes to the surviving joint account holder.
  • Tenants in common - This means that upon death of an owner, the ownership of their portion of the account goes to their designated beneficiary, rather than the surviving joint account holder.
  • Community property - This allows spouses to transfer their share of the investment in the joint account directly to their surviving spouse without going through probate.
    Please note: This form of account ownership is only available to married individuals residing in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin, or Washington.

You can add a joint account from the settings section of your dashboard by clicking “+New Account” at the bottom of the menu.

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